Specific Triathlon training

Triathlon is a growing discipline and above all an excellent sport to stay active. By tackling the three specific parts of triathlon (swimmingcycling and running), you can keep having fun by diversifying your efforts!

Running of our courses

When you start training for a triathlon, it is tempting to add more and more volume, but the role of recovery in training is essential and must be in balance with the volume of training. The key to your success will result from your ability to articulate and coordinate the three disciplines in order to find the right balance.
This is why, our coaches are all experts in their field, they always work in perfect harmony and carry out your training plans together so that all aspects of training are covered and consistent to help you achieve your goals.


Lesson goal ?

Our goal is to offer you a triathlon training center in a single location. You can refine your physical condition and your technical skills by bike (outdoors or on the PowerWatts system), on foot, in general physical preparation and in swimming (in the lake or slots reserved in the pool).
Whatever your level, join us for your Triathlon training program. Your first lesson is free


  • Thanks to the experience of Jérôme Coppel – specialist in Time Trials and 3rd in the World Cycling Championship in 2015 – learn from the best and optimize your efficiency on the bike.
  • Coach Alex Cesné and Coach Pierre Munier are there to help you progress through precise and effective training; and PPG and PPS training.

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